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Study online via our Distance Campus or attend classes at one of our many Campuses


Study at your pace... at your place


No matter where you are, you can study with CTA online via Distance Education. When commencing your course you will be coupled with a qualified and friendly trainer, who will make your transition to online study, stress-free.


Cairns, QLD

The Rainforest Campus


Our welcoming Cairns campus is located in the heart of the city with modern training rooms and friendly, qualified trainers who are passionate about sharing their wisdom and experience. Our Cairns campus is called the Rainforest Campus as it is a tropical paradise.


Malanda, QLD

The Country Manor Campus

Enjoy cups of tea at the Malanda Campus, CTA

Nestled amongst the Tableland Hinterlands, lush with local wildlife and cool crisp air, you will find Community Training Australia’s Country Manor training facility. As you might have realised we aren’t your average training organisation.


Townsville, QLD

The Retro Campus


Townsville Campus is buzzing with life. Come and study with us at our fast, friendly and fun Retro Campus. Hang out in our stylish retro lounge, and enjoy the hill view, while our friendly cook provides home-cooked morning and afternoon tea


Gold Coast, QLD

The Cafe Campus


At the Gold Coast Campus (which we also call the Café Campus) you will be able to immerse yourself in your studies in our fun café-style study space.

We have qualified trainers with years of experience in their chosen fields, so in your training you will gain a high quality education. Our trainers know everyone by name and adopt an open-door policy that allows them to mentor students now as well as their years beyond learning.


Sunshine Coast, QLD

The Surfie Campus


On the Sunshine Coast, in Maroochydore, you can study in comfort, knowing that our fun and friendly staff are highly qualified and passionate about seeing you succeed. The Sunshine Coast campus has a dedicated team of psychologists, counsellors and community workers, who have a very strong presence at the campus.


Northern Rivers, NSW

The Scenic Campus


Northern Rivers is all about making study feasible for everyone.

The main training campus is located in Lismore, within an amazing restored heritage home. This is where the campus manager Julie and her husband John are located and work tirelessly to ensure that that your educational journey is smooth and enjoyable.


South West, WA

The Dragonfly Campus


Come and study at the beautiful South West Campus, where you will be learning at the beautiful 5-acre property of Leanne O’Shea, Director of Choices Global. If you can’t wait to use your skills to transform hearts and minds, you’ll love learning at the Dragonfly Campus.


Mole Creek, TAS

The Island Campus

Mole Creek, TAS

Sleep over and you’ll be treated to an amazing time away from home. Make new friends and study in style. The gardens and the creek flowing through the property create a tranquil environment that’s perfect if you like to unwind or meditate after study.

  • of our students believe their studies are making a difference in their family and personal relationships
  • of our students have increased self-esteem
  • of students believe their course assisted them in personal healing
  • of students are exploring the option of higher education

Our Students

After working in call centres for a number of years i decided i wanted a new career. I love children and I am passionate about helping those in need, so I decided to study a Diploma of Youth Work. When I finish I hope to find a job in Child Services

Natalie Curtis
Natalie Curtis Diploma of Youth Work, Townsville

There is some magic and pixie dust at Community Training Australia. Everyone who works at the Gold Coast Campus is intensely dedicated to seeing you succeed and the support structures they have in place is what helped me through my diploma. I didn't find myself until I found Community Training Australia. The Counselling Diploma was so much more than just learning, it was an intense and inspiring journey of personal growth and healing. Thanks to the Diploma of Youth Work I was accepted into two Queensland Universities and am now studying Psychological Science at Bond University. This is all thanks to Community Training Australia who helped me believe in my dreams and held my hand as I took my first steps in this life changing journey.

Elissa Perales
Elissa Perales Diploma of Youth Work & Diploma of Counselling, Gold Coast

I just wanted to let you know, I received the future ambassadors award at JCU yesterday and a very rewarding character reference for my future career. I want to thank you for your ongoing support, especially Antje for being a great teacher and shaping me, guiding me, having faith in me and mentoring me. Thank you CTA for giving me the great opportunities to allow me to grow and providing an awesome college. Thank you to all the friendly staff also, they are truly an amazing team. Thank you!

Otila Leone
Otila Leone Townsville

Studying at CTA has given me the chance to further my studies within a friendly atmosphere. The teachers are brilliant and always there to answer any questions.

Lou-Ann Laws
Lou-Ann Laws Diploma of Leadership & Management, Gold Coast

My name is Chloe and I would like to thank CTA for all their support throughout my diploma of youth work course I have done this via distance and had a pretty rough year and without their support/encouragement I would not be nearly finished my studies my Trainer is just amazing always returns my calls and is always willing to help I have never felt silly asking a question and her encouragement has meant a lot so thank you during my studies I have travelled to Cambodia where I completed my placement wow what an experience this was very well organised trip and I can’t wait to return in the near future I gained so much knowledge on this trip and again a special thanks to the trainers overall I guess I’m just trying to say thank you for your ongoing support CTA and especially my trainer you are simply the best I have no words so thank you.

Chloe Diploma of Youth Work, Online

I have been receiving counselling for the last 15 years. Undertaking this diploma is an extension of my own personal growth. The trainers are very friendly and go the extra mile to make sure that I am enjoying and understanding my studies. CTA has such a safe a caring environment. As I have 12 children being able to bring the youngest along with me to class makes this learning opportunity possible.

Allison P Saylor
Allison P Saylor Diploma of Counselling

CTA has made it possible for me to reinvent myself and follow a brand new career path with unlimited opportunities. CTA provide their students with all the tools they could possibly need to successfully finish their qualification. With extra computer classes, tutorials and enthusiastic trainers the learning environment is very encouraging.

Tracey Grant
Tracey Grant Diploma of Youth Work

CTA is amazing, so much better than university”. When I was at University I felt very alone whereas at CTA I am overwhelmed with support from all trainers and staff. I have made a lot of new friends with people of different ages and cultures during my studies. The classroom is a very open and interactive place that encourages both learning and friendship.

Jessee Charlotte Gwynne
Jessee Charlotte Gwynne Diploma of Youth Work

I still have a few more modules left to complete, but I have already gained full-time employment in youth work. At CTA there is such a diversity of students! With such a difference in ages, backgrounds and cultures it adds so many different perspectives to what I am learning.

Jacob Hadcroft
Jacob Hadcroft Diploma of Youth Work

The teachers really make an effort to get to know you on a personal level. The teaching style is very interactive and the perfect mix between flexible yet structured. As a local Townsvillian it is great to have such a homely and friendly training organisation in town.

Reilly Rafferty
Reilly Rafferty Child Care student, Townsville

Doing the Diploma of Counselling over the past nine months has been an extremely rewarding experience. The course was very practical and just what I needed to develop my skills in working with people. Our lecturer Jonathon Swan was excellent, his knowledge and experience in the counselling industry as well as his passion to equip students to become quality counsellors has left me feeling confident and ready to start my career as a counsellor. Thank you to Jonathon and CTA.

Todd Chamberlain
Todd Chamberlain Diploma of Counselling, Gold Coast

During my time at CTA not only did I learn and acquire the knowledge needed of a newbie counsellor BUT I also learnt and acquired these skills from the most passionate lecturer (that's you Johnathan!) who actually cared about what he was teaching us all. During numerous years of study across different areas this is a rarity in my experience...a lecturer who cares about what he is teaching his students. I really enjoyed the deliverance of the course content and meeting new, like minded, friendly faces... The set up of the campus made for a really relaxed, welcoming vibe. The staff were all really helpful and friendly and assisted me on many occasions in submitting my assessments with ease. I have made lasting friendships at CTA so not only am I graduating with a diploma of counselling. I am also graduating with new friendships and memories to last a lifetime. Thanks CTA, it's been a blast!!

Sue McDonald
Sue McDonald Diploma of Counselling, Gold Coast

Over the years I have studied using various methods: sitting in the auditorium at University, on line, and by distance education, seminars and workshops. Being a student at Malanda Campus was such a different experience to any of my previous modes of study. Firstly the setting is unique – rural, calming and relaxing and the building is exquisitely decorated to reflect its history as a guest house in the early days of the history of the Atherton Tablelands. I lived close and could commute each day but if you lived any distance away you can stay in one of the beautiful rooms. The small classes made for a friendly and personal atmosphere. The teaching method, one week a month, really worked for me in full time employment ( I managed to organize a weeks leave every month for four months) and then we had three weeks to complete and submit modules for assessment. There was plenty of help available if I was in need of tutoring. Our teacher was excellent, experienced in the field and gifted as a teacher. For the elective I chose prayer counselling which included a ten day study tour of Greece – a great adventure. I am now in possession of my Diploma of Counselling which I thoroughly enjoyed and the fact that Vet Fee help is available for students made it so easy for me to undertake the study. Oh I forgot to mention the food!!! How could I forget the amazing lunches, morning and afternoon teas??? It was an integral part of the daily routine that was so unusual and so gourmet. It also helped our class to bond and create a great atmosphere for study, sitting around at meal times together chatting over the days lessons.

Lorraine Diploma of Counselling, Malanda

At the start of this year, I made a decision that would impact my life for the better, a decision that would ultimately increase my level of understanding and land me a successful job I could be proud of. Just a couple months ago I was just an average 19 year old with a goal and no direction. But now I sit here, 20 years old with a diploma in youth work and a position at Cleveland Youth Detention Center. Even writing this now it's still hard to believe. My story started at the start of this year around March when I first started at Community Training Australia ( C.T.A. ) I heard about this place through a good friend of mine Nate G, and he took me to pick up the enrollment papers, if it wasn't for him I would've ended up somewhere else, I never got the chance to say thank you, Thank you my brother. I remember walking through the doors on the first day nervous and not knowing what to expect. That all changed the second I met the people in my class and the trainer, Kandis Orr.

Matt Diploma of Youth Work, Townsville

Made me feel stronger - I can do this - I was never good enough for anything - that is what I was told. I am more positive with my family - if you want to do it, do it, don't listen to anybody else. I listen more at work, I have more time for people, life is short.

Anonymous Diploma of Community Services (Case Management), Northern Rivers

Pushed my boundaries and broke my glass ceiling. I realized that I put [...] limits on what I could do, unknowingly. So I acknowledged it and pushed through it. Took a lot out of me but I achieved it, rather proud of myself and so are my family...

Anonymous Diploma of Community Services (Case Management), Northern Rivers

It was a really good course, I really enjoyed it, especially my placement in Cambodia. Cambodia helped me to decide what I wanted to do – which is nursing and social work. I would like to combine both in my work.

Anonymous Diploma of Youth Work, Townsville

I want to be a Youth Worker because I want to help young people in need. As a youth I personally went through some difficult times and the help that I received has inspired me to help others.

Anonymous Diploma of Youth Work, Townsville

I have been faced with family and health issues which could easily have finished my entry into and success in adult education.....but it didn't! CTA really do practice what they teach! Transforming hearts and minds is not only their watchword, but they have helped me access study by actively pursuing and suggesting solutions. Limitation is not how they do things. Genuine care and understanding is their ethos and my experience.

Allison Diploma of Counselling

I’ve just completed my fourth course with CTA Malanda. The journey I went through while I was studying was the real learning experience – the Diplomas are the icing on the cake. At times I didn’t think I’d be able to juggle the challenges of my personal life with work, kids, study, a work placement in Cambodia or time in Israel for Prayer Counselling. I’m going to credit a lot of my drive to my trainer Annette, she had faith in me when I’d lost it and all the times I said I couldn’t do it, she knew I could. The amazing support from the admin elite team Deborah and Emma and more recently, Julietta & Mel, who go above and beyond their roles, especially when I am around!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart... and not forgetting the all round warm fuzzy environment that Malanda Campus generates, which makes it an all together totally AWESOME place to learn. The Malanda Campus is like no other. The staff are a great bunch of people who help every step of the way. I’m just waiting for Relationship Counselling to come to the Malanda Campus and I’ll be back! I don’t know how it works yet, but I’m sure I’ll have fun learning how. CTA Learner for Life!

Melody Malanda

Thank you CTA. The Cambodia trio was GREAT. To those who did not go, boy-o-boy you lost a lot, best thing I've ever done!

David Gold Coast

CTA is a wonderful learning environment. Love the new wall paper and lounges. The staff are excellent and very friendly to approach. Max said, "His dancing is awesome" but I was away and missed it.

Nicole Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs & Mental Health

I'm currently enrolled and doing the Diploma of Community Services (Alcohol, other drugs & mental health). I'm really enjoying it, our trainer Max is great, easy to talk and joke with and makes the classes enjoyable.

Laine Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs & Mental Health

I'm glad I discovered CTA. A cool, fun, relaxed but supportive learning. Great trainer and class mates. I'd doing Diploma of Alcohol other drugs and mental health and really enjoying it. Well worth my while studying here.

Cara Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs & Mental Health

CTA Townsville is a place that is very pleasing and relaxing to study through. All the staff and trainers are very approachable and hospitable.

Maria Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs & Mental Health

My son is studying with you and he really enjoys it. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to come back (will be doing business course with us next year). Just the support of everybody, the teachers, the things they say, just to be in a classroom, the fear isn't there, like it used to be when I was in school. I just really want to say thank you.


My time spent as a student with CTA was the best decision as I was able to balance work commitments with study, and was also able to give time to my family matters.The Facilitator and learning team were amazing in the way the content was brought alive into everyday examples that I could use in the work place. I found the practical skills component essential to put theory into practice, and this improved the overall quality of the training itself. Bravo CTA and thank you for the lifelong friends. Heartfelt hugs, Melissa

Melissa Northern Rivers

Lynda completely encompassed everything a good counsellor and teacher should know. It was an honour and a privilege to have her teach us and share her wealth of knowledge. Will miss the get-togethers at Mole Creek.

Jennie Mole Creek

I would like to extend my gratitude to Lynda, an amazing lady, trainer and mentor. Mixed emotions from the class today, a great sense of achievement but also sad that we have come to the end of our journey. Today was our last day in class, but our future is brighter having had the privilege of being taught by such an incredible devoted and compassionate lady. Abundant gratitude.

Francesca Townsville

I've had a really cool journey at CTA, one I didn't expect.... I didn't expect to learn so much about myself and it was amazing! The staff were so helpful and went above and beyond to assist me anyway they could. I like CTA because they've really created a safe place where you can be yourself. All the teachers are lovely but our teacher was da bomb... Jonathan is super chill and cruisy.... We got to do so many role plays and get hands on experience with him as our teacher. He really encouraged us to open up to each other which took the experience to a whole other level. I also had Dawn at the start of last year and she was amazing too, she really went out of her way to make sure everyone understood the content and was up to speed with everything. All the teachers are so different but so awesome and it was so much fun that I got to have more than one teacher. The content is relatively easy to grasp and set out in an easy to understand way. The information is offered in a variety of ways which is good for people that may find the normal school structure a struggle. There is lots of support and you can have as many tutorials as you want with your teacher in case you miss something or need help. It's pretty sweet. I've had a blast and I'm stoked about the experience I've had at CTA.

Gabi Andrews
Gabi Andrews Diploma of Counselling, Gold Coast

I would just like to say a very big thank you to Lynda (trainer). She was a brilliant teacher who offered nothing but support and guidance not only with the counselling work but with my own journey of self discovery. I feel very honoured to have had such a lovely, caring and wise lady teaching me the skills I need to be able to help others. Thank you very much Lynda.

Sharn Townsville

Hello my name is Ethan, I’m a plumber by trade and was not getting enough enjoyment out of my job. I started looking for other career avenues when I came across an ad in the local paper to study Community Services (Case Management). After seeing the ad I called for some information and enrolled. Now after a short time of doing the Case Management course I am working at a local school as a school support officer which also includes Case Management and Counselling. I now thoroughly enjoy my job and love every minute of what I am doing. I would like to thank Toni Mehigan, Crystal Gibbons and the rest of the CTA staff for their brilliant work, lovely friendly facilities and helping me achieve my goal and in turn improve my life!

Ethan Malanda

I am so honoured to be a part of the Diploma of Counselling course with Community Training Australia. Our trainer Jonathan is just brilliant not only as a trainer, he is one of the most caring trainers I have ever had. Jonathan has such a brilliant rapport with all of his students in our class. He shows so much empathy and respect to everyone. Jonathan’s is so easy to understand and he takes his time while he is teaching. I have done a lot of courses over the years and Jonathan is one of the most understanding and brilliant and caring professional trainers I have had, and it is just wonderful to be a student and doing the Diploma of Counselling with CTA.

Donna Diploma of Counselling, Gold Coast

The second job I applied for after I achieved my Diploma, I was offered. I’ve now been employed nearly 6 months as a Youth Worker (Residential Care Worker) and I am on my way to a Bachelors degree thanks to a step up from my Diploma. I love being so well equipped to make a difference in young people’s lives! I really enjoyed studying a Diploma of Youth Work through CTA’s Sunshine Coast Campus. The units delivered were up to date and relevant in today’s social science sector, and delivered by a friendly teacher who had years of experience in the field. It affirmed to me that I wanted to make a difference in young people’s lives and that I was on the right track.

Cassie Diploma of Youth Work, Sunshine Coast Campus

Fantastic course, fantastic content, fantastic venue, fantastic teachers! Highly recommended.


Great course, great staff, great facility. Looking for your next challenge study with CTA you won't be disappointed.


Absolutely awesome course. The staff are really helpful. I recommend to everyone, you want to study, study with CTA and feel good about your career.


The best staff and trainers.awesome content and delivery..so much support...great campus..loads of fun..totally recommend 😀


Emma in Malanda is the most wonderful person as are the rest of the team. Thank you all so much

Sharon Malanda

I would just like to say a very big thank you to Lynda (trainer). She was a brilliant teacher who offered nothing but support and guidance not only with the counselling work but with my own journey of self discovery. I feel very honoured to have had such a lovely, caring and wise lady teaching me the skills I need to be able to help others. Thank you very much Lynda

Anonymous Malanda

I have been studying through Community Training Australia since the start of this year; I am completing my Diploma of Youth work. I have never worked with youth before spending most my working life as a childcare worker. But after 10 years I decided it was time for a change. I then began to research different institutes and what they offered. I decided working with youth was what I wanted to do, so now I just had to find a place that would accommodate me. I am a mother of 2 and my husband is in the army which means that he is constantly away. I needed an institute that would offer me flexible study and not require me to sit in a classroom as then I would have to look at care for my youngest. In saying that I also wanted support as it’s been a fair while since I studied. So I called around a few different places, CTA being one of them. Through my interactions with Community training Australia I decided they were the best fit. They offered what I needed and answered all my questions. The enrolment process was easy and before you know it I was a student again. Since starting my study I have received such great support from the team at CTA. When I am stuck on a question I know I can ring and someone will help me through the task. They are flexible and although the online observations can be daunting at the start the staff make you feel relaxed and make it into a enjoyable task. As I have had such great experiences with CTA I am actually looking at continuing on my education through them. I would just like to say a big thank you to the team and if you’re looking at starting on a educational journey I highly recommend Community Training Australia.

Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor Diploma of Youth Work, Online

I enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling with the intent to learn more about Children's counselling, which was an area of interest for me after completing the Diploma of Counselling with Community Training Australia. In the process of the Graduate Diploma I learned so much more than I expected to. With Lyn Baird's immense depth of knowledge and experience working in the field of Christian counselling, it was an enriching experience both mentally and spiritually. I would highly recommend the Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling to anyone interested in the field of Christian or family counselling.

Amelia Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Sunshine Coast

I am only too happy to recommend studying the Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling to other Christians. I have found it of great benefit to have done the Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling as it better equipped me in working with clients around Domestic violence and Relationship counselling and working with Children. I am a Christian and I am divorced with now grown up children. I have previously found that I have not felt comfortable in working with couples because of my journey, although I feel that I am emotionally doing well. I now feel far more at ease since doing my study and especially doing the workshops and role-plays. I feel that my area of working with clients has now expanded, and have no problems in working with couples, as I feel far more resourced and experienced. I would highly recommend other Christians in doing this study as they will also grow personally and it will also open up a world to them in ways that they have not previously even considered, better equipping us to assist others whether clients are Christian or non-Christian. Looking forward to seeing more Christians working in this area as there appears to be a lack of Christian counsellors and a very high need within the Christian circles and the non-Christian. The numbers appears to be no different which I feel this is such a disappointment. This area is an area that certainly needs attention by training up Kingdom minded people especially in this season where families are suffering.

Mary Ann
Mary Ann Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Sunshine Coast

I'm finding it all extremely interesting. I am very lucky to have such a great teacher teaching us and keeping all the information very interesting, easy to relate to and easy to understand. It would be a great course just for personal development, gaining tools and tricks we can use to make our own relationships happier, healthier and more fulfilling, while also giving us the confidence to take our new skills out and make a difference for any clients that come to us for counselling. Loving every minute of it and hanging off every word.

April Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Sunshine Coast

The Graduate Diploma has equipped me to be focused in counselling the relationship a couple is experiencing and leading them to find the solutions to creating the relationship they want with each other. I had the opportunity to use tools that made me effective in my role of supporting my clients on their journey. I have gained a deeper understanding around specific relationship issues relating to domestic violence and the rippling effects this has on a persons life and those around them. I gained a deeper understanding and confidence in working with children and teens and gained ideas and further therapeutic tools to use to facilitate their journey and experience of counselling.

Shannon Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Sunshine Coast

I'm finding the course quite full-on with information. It's interesting and quite challenging at times, but having a great teacher like Lyn does make this seem possible for me. Doubting myself, but knowing with further training this could be possible.

Anonymous Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Sunshine Coast

I would like to say how much I am really enjoying my class in Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling. We are only in week 4, though it is very hands on and covers every area possible. My trainer, Lyn in the Gympie campus, is absolutely wonderful. She is so informative and teaches great tools and strategies for us to work with in our counselling sessions.

Kara Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Sunshine Coast

So far I have really enjoyed this course. I find the trainer, Lyn, to be friendly, professional and approachable. It can be hard to come back to study after so many years, but Lyn and her team have made this easy.

Samantha Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Sunshine Coast

I started the Relationship Counselling course 4 weeks ago, and have found the content to be interesting. I'm enjoying the new online assessments and find Lyn to be an experienced, empathetic and kind trainer. This is my second diploma through CTA, and I'm happy with my experience and the level of support if required.

Natasha Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Sunshine Coast

The Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling is brilliant , l am really enjoying the experience and finding it fascinating learning all the new concepts of dealing with troubled relationships. From also experiencing the trip to Greece l feel l am learning so much and it has broadened my knowledge in many ways , this will be wonderful for counselling in all areas including Christian counselling will benefit greatly from this. The staff and Trainers have always been available to assist me when I needed more explanation or advice. I have always been treated in a friendly and professional manner.

Sherie Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Sunshine Coast

Whether you want to move into the field of relationship counselling or simply learn more about how good relationships work, the graduate diploma of counselling offered by CTA is a fantastic mix of theory and practical work offered in a wonderful learning environment. The course offers wonderful guided principles and extremely well paced learning modules that are both very interesting and completely relevant to this most dynamic of all counselling models. I personally found the course content to be based on firm principles of proven theoretical dogmas that is translated into easy to understand real life situations through the use of both role play and also utilising the organised workshops to gain invaluable first hand experience. The care and understanding shown to the class by the instructors is extremely nurturing and I found our group became extremely close throughout the duration of the course. The topics are very interesting and easily get to the heart of what makes a good relationship and also how to identify what isn't working and how best to address it in a clinical environment. The support is extremely professional and the course outline and learning materials very thorough and comprehensive with regard to making available all that is needed to succeed in gaining this wonderfully useful Graduate diploma.

Sean Murray
Sean Murray Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Sunshine Coast

I began my Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling Course Nov 2015 and am finishing Nov 2016. During the 12 months I have has many occasions to be enthralled and amazed at how life looks now through my eyes. The study has been an incredible journey into self and familial anomalies that now are able to be explained and understood through the insight I have gained from this course. An illuminating experience.

Sherald Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Sunshine Coast

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