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Pushed my boundaries and broke my glass ceiling. I realized that I put […] limits on what I could do, unknowingly. So I acknowledged it and pushed through it. Took a lot out of me but I achieved it, rather proud of myself and so are my family…
(24MY Northern Rivers), Diploma of Community Services (Case Management)
It showed my kids you can do anything and be anything, no matter what your age is.
28JN South West WA, Diploma of Youth Work
It was a really good course, I really enjoyed it, especially my placement in Cambodia. Cambodia helped me to decide what I wanted to do – which is nursing and social work. I would like to combine both in my work.
34MY Townsville, Diploma of Youth Work
Pushed my boundaries and broke my glass ceiling. I realized that I put […] limits on what I could do, unknowingly. So I acknowledged it and pushed through it. Took a lot out of me but I achieved it, rather proud of myself and so are my family…
24MY Northern Rivers, Diploma of Community Services (Case Management)
Made me feel stronger – I can do this – I was never good enough for anything – that is what I was told. I am more positive with my family – if you want to do it, do it, don’t listen to anybody else. I listen more at work, I have more time for people, life is short.
21A Northern Rivers, Diploma of Community Services (Case Management)
At the start of this year, I made a decision that would impact my life for the better, a decision that would ultimately increase my level of understanding and land me a successful job I could be proud of. Just a  couple months ago I was just an average 19 year old with a goal and no direction. But now I sit here, 20 years old with a diploma in youth work and a position at Cleveland Youth Detention Center. Even writing this now it’s still hard to believe. My story started at the start of this year around March when I first started at Community Training Australia ( C.T.A ) I heard about this place through a good friend of mine Nate G, and he took me to pick up the enrollment papers, if it wasn’t for him I would’ve ended up somewhere else, I never got the chance to say thank you, Thank you my brother. I remember walking through the doors on the first day nervous and not knowing what to expect. That all changed the second I met the people in my class and the trainer, Kandis Orr.  
Matt, Townsville, Diploma of Youth Work
Without a doubt, I couldn’t ask for a better trainer and the classmates were just like me. Kandis always had a smile on her face and made everyday new, and there wasn’t a day I didn’t learn something new, the atmosphere is so relaxed you don’t even feel as if you’re in a classroom, and the food there couldn’t be any better.  ALL the staff are amazing, but I need to give a shout out to the ones that really impacted my time there, to Kandis Orr, Loretta Khalu and Sarah Wright I thank you for the endless support you guys gave day in and day out helping in every way you could, I wouldn’t be here writing this if it wasn’t for all your support and tolerance, Thank you.
Matt I, Townsville, Diploma of Youth Work
If someone like me can do this, anybody can. C.T.A not only set me up with a diploma, but it also connected me to the community where I did my 100 hours experience at the Rasmussen PCYC, and still continue to volunteer whenever I can. All these experiences, the people I’ve met, the things I’ve achieved, will stick with me for the rest of my life, and I’ll never forget the people that made this all happen.
Matt II, Townsville, Diploma of Youth Work
When I wake up in the morning feeling tired and needing more sleep, I think about where I am going and the people there, and I can’t help but “fly” out of bed. Enrolling at CTA was the best decision I’ve made for my future.
Glenys, Cairns, Diploma of Counselling
Over the years I have studied using various methods: sitting in the auditorium at University, on line, and by distance education, seminars and workshops. Being a student at Malanda Campus was such a different experience to any of my previous modes of study. Firstly the setting is unique – rural, calming and relaxing and the building is exquisitely decorated to reflect its history as a guest house in the early days of the history of the Atherton Tablelands. I lived close and could commute each day but if you lived any distance away you can stay in one of the beautiful rooms. The small classes made for a friendly and personal atmosphere. The teaching method, one week a month, really worked for me in full time employment ( I managed to organize a weeks leave every month for four months) and then we had three weeks to complete and submit modules for assessment. There was plenty of help available if I was in need of tutoring. Our teacher was excellent, experienced in the field and gifted as a teacher. For the elective I chose prayer counselling which included a ten day study tour of Greece – a great adventure. I am now in possession of my Diploma of Counselling which I thoroughly enjoyed and the fact that Vet Fee help is available for students made it so easy for me to undertake the study. Oh I forgot to mention the food!!! How could I forget the amazing lunches, morning and afternoon teas??? It was an integral part of the daily routine that was so unusual and so gourmet. It also helped our class to bond and create a great atmosphere for study, sitting around at meal times together chatting over the days lessons.
Lorraine, Malanda, Diploma of Counselling